Mini Pigs in SoCal

Mini Pigs in SoCal


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American Miniature Pigs looking for their perfect families.

They are located in Sage, California – the outskirts of Temecula.

We are a registered breeder with AMPA which means we follow a strict code of ethics and are honest about the pig’s we raise.

The remaining piglets are $600 each. Different ages. Most are not old enough to take home yet.

Your Piglet Comes:
-Started on Potty Training
-1st & 2nd Deworming
– Microchipped
-Spayed / Neutered
-A Small Bag of Food
-Bill of Sale/Contract
-Care Packet
-Lifetime Support

Mini pigs are dense, compact animals. They weigh 3x more than a dog of the same height and length. This means they are usually tipping bigger numbers on the scale but an 80lb mini pig is much smaller than an 80lb dog. It is for this reason that ethical breeders do not go by weight and do not weigh their pigs, since weight can be deceiving. A pig can gain and lose weight throughout their life. Skeletal structure stops growing at about three years of age. This would mean height and length of the parents is the best indicator on how big your piggy will mature. On average, your pig should mature about the size of an english bulldog, about 15-16″ tall.

Interested in adding one of our piglets to your family? Fill out our adoption form located on our website

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