Now Accepting Deposits on Charming Mini Pig’s Upcoming Litters

Now Accepting Deposits on Charming Mini Pig's Upcoming Litters


Posted 1 year ago by charmingminipigs

Accepting deposits on future litters of Charming Mini Pigs!  We have a variety of sizes, shapes, breeds and colors. Our focus when breeding is always health and temperament.  Our parent pigs are family pets and the majority have been raised in our home.  We know these pigs well, all their strengths, and weaknesses.  Our goal is to produce social, cuddly, calm mini pigs.  Some being ideal for work as therapy pets and emotional support animals.

Our pig babies are nursed by their mother, so that they get all those antibodies to provide them with the best start at life.  She is allowed to teach them  the lessons they need including how to eat their pellets, mind their manners, and be respectful of authority.  Once the piglets are weaned by their mother they come into our home to learn what it’s like to be a family pet.

We enjoy preparing our piglets for their new families.  They are not animals that are naturally accepting of being touched or held.  Our goal is always to breed pigs with personalities that accept being handled more easily from birth.  All our babies are started on basic skills before they leave.  Litter pan started, responding to the command come, and sit.  Additional training is available upon request for an additional fee, such as; harness and leash, potty training outdoors, tricks, etc.

We microchip, worm, spay or neuter the piglets before they leave us and we offer a guarantee of health.  When your piglet leaves us the only appointment you will need to make is a well check to get established with your veterinarian.

Our piglets are registered with the American Mini Pig Association and will come with registration documents, a new owner bundle of helpful information including 2 full sized books on care and training valued at $60.

You can find more information and pictures of our parent pigs, our pre-screening application, and educational information at

Be sure to find us on Facebook to get updates on upcoming litters by following the link

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Ampa Registered breeders of mini pigs. Specializing in temperament and socialization for the best possible pet pig experience.

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