Adoptable in Sedgwick, KS

Adoptable in Sedgwick, KS


Posted 4 months ago by AmberSlankard

You know when one door closes, another one opens…Well, over the weekend I opened my door to find a piggy in need! Meet Olive, my newest foster daughter!

This lil chunk of an ornery gal needs to have a spay surgery ASAP in order to make a better pet. Her former home didn’t really know a lot about piggies, unfortunately, so she does need some work (i.e. harness/leash training, house training & house manners) & a bit of help adjusting her lil saucy ‘tude. They’d had her for a year and I initially was going to help them try to just rehome her or find her a foster home, but they were afraid for her safety–she kept escaping and raiding the neighbors’ gardens and I guess on her last pigscapade, she charged and nipped at the neighbor’s child–so threats were made about shooting her if she appeared again. So, she’s hanging out at the Piggy Palace for now, by herself, and will hopefully be on her way to her new home soon!

Ms. Olive weighs (guestimating here) around 100lbs, is quite a little talker & makes THE cutest shuffing noises, is gorgeous, takes food gently, gets along great with dogs & cats (has only met 2 of my pigren very briefly), enjoys being outside (though I’m thinking she’d like an indoor home with outdoor playtime?), is a smart cookie escape artist so will need a secure fence, does well in a kennel & would LOVE to have a home for the holidays!

๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ’–Adoption screening will be done on interested parties ~ adoption fee is negotiable ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ–

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