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Posted 3 days ago by Stacey Davenport

Theo & Kip are expecting! Kip is due in October! This is Kips first litter but we are expecting stripes, greys, and possible silver stripes...

 AMPA Registered Litter Announcements /  Kentucky / 13 views


Posted 4 days ago by American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates

Pumba is a young mini pig looking for a family to call his own. He was picked up by the local shelter as a stray...

 Pre Loved Pigs /  jacksonville / 31 views

Spotted mini


Posted 5 days ago by bweatherholt

My fiancé and I have a spotted mini pig around 4 and half months hold. He is very sweet. My fiancé works out of town...

 Pre Loved Pigs /  bloomington / 15 views

Posted 1 week ago by houstonminipig

We took these adorable piglets in when they were just 2 weeks old. It was touch and go with two of them. We were up...

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Posted 2 weeks ago by ShelleyNunley0928

Bentley is 2 year's old & loves to be inside but he's been outside a lot this summer so his indoor manners have probably gotten a...

 Pre Loved Pigs /  stillwater / 30 views


Posted 2 weeks ago by Blue

Hey everyone! This was sent to us! Can anyone help? Please share!!! Buck is a feral-mini pig mix, 3 months old, about 10lbs. He is...

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Posted 2 weeks ago by hschmucker

Listing for a friend. Please meet CHUBS! He wandered up to a horse show and bummed a ride to my friend's barn. He has been...

 Pre Loved Pigs /  columbia / 38 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by charmingminipigs

We are accepting deposits on a registered, rare breed Meishan mini mix litter.  These babies are so friendly and social they were jumping in our...

 AMPA Registered Breeder Available Pigs /  springfield / 68 views


Posted 4 weeks ago by AtOinkingAcres

Sookie is looking for a forever home. She is a sweet 9 month old spayed female. Sookie loves spending time outside in the pool and...

 Adoptable Mini Pigs /  springfield / 87 views


Posted 4 weeks ago by AtOinkingAcres

Floyd and Ellie are looking for a new forever home. At this time we are looking to place them together. Floyd is a 1 year...

 Adoptable Mini Pigs /  springfield / 81 views


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